Yet, love in a care world

How the perception of the freest emotion of humanity is monitored, controlled and managed as a default for those who also have a learning disability. Reading this really bought home the varying moral controls care systems can have on many.


Yet, Love in a care world

It is oft said that love has neither bounds nor rule

Yet we seem bound by the concerns of your professional call


The great lovers of past epic stories are told to all

Yet we are not free to live these words or find them desirable


The lines of great love songs are sung as aspirational

Yet when we hum their sweet melodies you do not find this acceptable


The youth of love is told as wonder and experimental

Yet when we dance and glide in its rhythm you make the final call


The touch and passion of love should not be fleeting at all

Yet when we kiss, touch laugh and gasp you require us to be controllable


The story of love should be the story of human kind for all

Yet our love is measured, and written as a humanity less tolerable


The sharing of love grows in purity when our young demand and call

Yet the giggles and laughter in our life are assessed, if they are allowed at all


It is oft said that love is defined by no rule

Yet yours define our lives as not truly livable


You cannot take it all

Our love is ours until we fall


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